Judy Garland's Family

Judy's Mother was Ethel Gumm her Father Frank Gumm. They were both Vaudeville actors.

        Frank and Ethel met in Wisconson while working in a vaudeville theatre. They were married and had three daughters.

         Mary Jane Gumm was born in 1915, her sister, Dorothy Virginia followed two years later in 1917. Ethel taught the two sisters to sing in a two part harmony when they were still young.

     When the two sisters made their debut in the the theatre, Mary Jane was five and little Dorothy was three.

         Two years later when baby Frances was born (June 10, 1922) the two sisters were delighted to have a little sister to look after. They were some of the best two big sisters that ever lived. They would take care of "baby" (as Judy was called) when she was sick,  whenever she would get hurt they would take her and kiss away her tears, or when a bully was bothering her, they would go and take care of the bully. It was plain to see that they adored "Baby."

       On November 17, 1935 Judy's father Frank Gumm, the apple of Judy's Eye died.

             Judy's mother Ethel Gumm, remmaried. She eloped on the anniversary of Judy's fathers death. Judy had never liked the man who her mother had chosen to marry, but she had dealt with it. However when her mother remmaried on the anniversary of her dear fathers death, Judy was furious, there were mixed feelings among the two from that time on. Judy never forgave her mother for getting remarried on the day of her fathers death.

       Judy's mother Ethel Gumm died January 5, 1953. 

      Mary Jane later changed her name to, Suzy, and was married twice. Her first marriage was to musician Lee Kahn, her second marriage was to, conductor Jack Cathcart.

         Suzy died May 1965, she killed herself.

       Dorothy Virginia changed her name to Jimmie, she was married twice and had one child, a girl named Judalein, she was named in honor of Judy Garland her aunt. Jimmie's first marriage was to  musician Bobby Sherwood,(who was the father of Judalein.) Jimmie's second marriage was to  Johnny Thompson.

          Virginia died May 1977.

Ethel Gumm, Frank Gumm and The two oldest gumm sisters,
The Gumm Sisters Suzy, Judy, & Jimmie.


Judy Garland with her mother Ethel