Judy Garlands Husbands

Judy Garland met her first husband David Rose in 1940, they began to date and after awhile they announced their engagment. The young couple then eloped. When they came back home, Judy went back to her work and David Rose started work again with his orchestra.

     A few months later, the marriage was already on the rocks. Judy's work and David's kept them both away from each other. Judy tried desperatly to save her first marriage, but she was so unhappy. David was never with her, and when he was home, he would stay up hours working on Music, or just fall into bed asleep.

       By 1944 their relationship was so strained, that Judy knew their was no hope of saving it. So she filed for a divorce.

        In 1945 the marriage was legally ended.



   On the set of "Meet Me In St. Louis'' Judy had begun to know the director Vincente Minnelli very well. By June 1945 they were married.

    Judy and Vincente's Marriage was happier than her marriage with David Rose. Vincente made Judy so happy that one night on their honeymoon, Judy and Vincente were walking beside a river, Judy looked at the river that looked a silvery blue in the moonlight. Suddenly from out of her pocket came her drugs. She raised her arm and threw them far into the river. Looking at Vincente she said, "I won't ever need them again"

       March 12, 1946, what a day for Judy! On that day Judy became the mother of Liza Minnelli. Judy couldn't have been happier.

     Later though, (a couple of years later) Judy began to grow unhappy again. So in 1951 Judy and Vincente were divorced.


           Sid Luft married Judy in 1952. She had 2 children with him, Lorna Luft, and Joey Luft. Judy though was unhappy through most of the marriage. By 1965 the marriage had ended. 


        Mark Herron had dated Judy for awhile before marrying her. In 1965 they were married, but Judy was unhappy through the whole marriage, so in 1966 that marriage ended.



       In 1969 Judy Married Mickey Deans. That marriage was an awful marriage. By April that marriage was already gone.

            The day Judy died, she and Mickey were having a fight. Judy had run out of the house in the early morining screaming that, she was going to go to the neighbors house.

           Later that day, Mickey had gone looking for Judy. He went to the bathroom, he tried the door, it was locked. So he went around and went in through the window and found Judy dead. She had killed herself on an overdose of drugs.

              Some people say it was an accident, but the truth is that Judy was so sad, she wanted love, she had wanted hope, and she thought the only way to end her saddness was to kill herself.

              That is the history of all of Judy Garland's Husbands.

Judy Garland with her first husband David Rose



Judy Garland with her second husband Vincente Minnelli



Judy Garland with her third husband sid luft.(Sid luft is on the far left)


Judy with her fourth husband Mark Herron


Judy with her fifth husband Mickey Deans